Discovering Advanced Algebra
An Investigative Approach

Development of Discovering Advanced Algebra

Discovering Advanced Algebra was developed as a cooperative project between the authors at the Interlochen Arts Academy and Kendall Hunt Publishing. This curriculum was shaped by what the authors learned from writing Advanced Algebra through Data Exploration and from working with students and teachers.

Discovering Advanced Algebra was released in 2003 (copyright 2004). It is a heavy revision of Advanced Algebra Through Data Exploration (1998), which was cutting-edge in its use of graphing calculator technology. This revision completes the Discovering Mathematics series.

Rigorous Field Testing

  • Advanced Algebra Through Data Exploration was field-tested by 35 teachers and more than 2000 students during the 1994–1995 school year.
  • The authors used a draft version in their own classes, gathering important insights for its refinement.
  • Editors collected feedback from users who wrote in, who attended the user-group meetings at NCTM conferences, or who participated in Key's Professional Development Institutes.
  • By the time the new edition was in preparation, the authors and editors had a strong sense of the general responses to the book. Nevertheless, Key still surveyed all users of Advanced Algebra Through Data Exploration, and our customer service representatives gathered even more information on teachers' needs.
  • The authors then tested their second draft manuscript in their classes during the editorial process that resulted in the current edition of Discovering Advanced Algebra.

Updated Second Edition

The process of determining the revisions to be made for this second edition of Discovering Advanced Algebra began with a survey of teachers using the first edition. From the user feedback, editors began to determine the areas in which the book needed revision.

The next part of the development process was to review states' standards to determine whether required topics were adequately addressed in the first edition. In addition to reviewing many state standards, the editors reviewed the Achieve standards, the College Board standards, and the NCTM standards. Editors reviewed the standards to identify any standards with light coverage, and to ascertain whether the coverage of any advanced topics might be revised or reduced to make the book more accessible for all students.

The proposed changes were submitted to a professional mathematics reviewer and a panel of Discovering Advanced Algebra teachers for feedback. The feedback was incorporated into the final development plan.

The content changes are summarized on the page What's New in the Second Edition.

A Curriculum That Works

Evidence of the classroom success of Discovering Advanced Algebra and the rest of the Discovering Mathematics series emerges during field tests, professional development events, teacher conferences, and routine conversations with students, parents, teachers, and administrators. Moreover, a number of recent studies point to the efficacy of Discovering Mathematics textbooks. For more information about the latest research on Discovering Mathematics, please contact your sales representative.