Discovering Advanced Algebra
An Investigative Approach

Readability of the Student Text

Three readability formulas were applied, each commonly used for secondary grade-level material. The Dale-Chall Formula uses a list of familiar words in conjunction with the sample's total number of words and sentences. The Flesch-Kincaid Formula (a.k.a. Flesch Grade Level Formula) uses the sample's number of words, syllables, and sentences. The Fry Formula is based on sentence length and number of syllables.

Four samples from Discovering Advanced Algebra were chosen to represent the beginning, middle, and end of the text, as well as to represent a variety of reading material (for example, expository text, investigation procedure steps, and exercises). Specifically, the samples came from Chapters 2, 4, 8, and 10. Each sample contained between 105 and 125 words.

Averaging the results for each test, Discovering Advanced Algebra scored as follows:
Test               Grade Level

Lexile Level

Discovering Advanced Algebra has a Lexile level of 1090.