Discovering Advanced Algebra
An Investigative Approach

Teaching with Discovering Advanced Algebra

One important requirement of traditional algebra courses is skill at symbol manipulation. Discovering Advanced Algebra and its teaching resources include many opportunities for students to practice skills such as multiplying and factoring polynomials and solving many kinds of equations. Modern research indicates that students will learn to manipulate symbols effectively if they understand the operations conceptually. With Discovering Advanced Algebra, you can help students achieve this conceptual understanding by guiding them to explore situations and data that interest them.

One or more Support Examples have been provided for each lesson so you can reinforce or assess student understanding or provide additional structured practice before concluding the lesson. If students need to review prerequisite Algebra 1 skills for a chapter, you can assign optional Refreshing Your Skills lessons provide as homework after the previous chapter's test or use the examples and exercises as needed for students who need extra support.

Designed to Motivate Learning

The investigations in Discovering Advanced Algebra are designed to engage students so that learning becomes important to them. With this curriculum, you address the need for students to be able to manipulate symbols not through developing recognized responses to convention, but rather through motivating students' understanding of the reasons for the operations and the meanings behind them.

In today's technological world all students need to be problem solvers who are not afraid to ask and answer questions about the mathematics they use to understand and model their world. Students using Discovering Advanced Algebra make connections and develop techniques that are meaningful to them. And they learn how to deal with problems for which they have not been given one correct solution. Their minds are engaged, and by sharing their results they see interesting alternative approaches. Discovering Advanced Algebra emphasizes mathematical reasoning in order to prepare students for all math challenges.