Statistics in Action
Understanding a World of Data

Prepare Students for AP® success by Working with Real Data

Statistics in Action provides in-depth coverage of AP Exam topics and
question styles

  • New textbook features focus on the AP Exam:
    • AP Sample Tests for each chapter
    • AP Tip icons in the text that alert students to pay special attention to certain concepts or procedures
    • "Model Answer" exercises that give students practice with questions similar to those on the free-response portion of the AP Exam
  • You'll be able to cover all the AP Statistics topics—before the AP Exam. With the first 11 chapters, you'll give students the concepts, skills, explanations, and experiences they need to learn and retain the material tested on the AP Exam. After the exam, you can teach the last chapter, which covers more advanced material.
  • You will find it easier to motivate your students as they work with real-world data and authentic case studies found throughout this statistics curriculum.
  • Engaging activities—many intended to be taught using partners or small groups—give you an interesting way to introduce and teach the topics that allows your students to explore and internalize statistical concepts.
  • You will solidify your students' statistical reasoning with guided discussions followed by practice problems in which the important ideas build on one another.
  • The textbook's frequent, high-quality examples will help you clearly demonstrate statistical techniques and illustrate a wide variety of statistical applications.
  • Experiments and practice problems will help you prepare your students to apply their statistical knowledge both to everyday situations and the AP Statistics Exam.
  • You will easily integrate technology for a deeper learning experience. Statistics in Action incorporates appropriate graphing calculator usage and helps you teach your students to read a variety of graphical displays and computer printouts from industry-standard software—skills they'll need for success on the AP Statistics Exam, in future courses, and in field practice. Likewise, you can easily enhance your students' ability to analyze large data sets with statistical software, such as Fathom.
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