Discovering Advanced Algebra
An Investigative Approach

Resources for Teaching and Learning

Standards-based mathematics resource materials that includes teaching tools, worksheets, assessments, and more.

Discovering Advanced Algebra includes all of the teaching resources necessary to enrich learning and to make the teaching experience more rewarding. In addition to a comprehensive, wraparound-style Teacher's Edition, you'll receive a spectrum of teaching tools that let all students demonstrate what they have learned. Broad input from teachers has made the teaching resources package a valuable asset for teachers implementing this exciting curriculum.

Discovering Mathematics: A Guide for Teachers
This comprehensive overview includes tips on cooperative learning groups, investigations, and assessments and will help you plan and implement an investigative classroom.

Download A Guide for Teachers.

NEW! Investigation Worksheets
This new ancillary provides a worksheet for every investigation to make your lesson planning easy. For investigations that involve collecting data, two versions of the worksheet are provided -- one with sample data and one without. These worksheets include graph and table templates as needed and space for student work.

Solutions Manual
Answers with worked-out solutions to exercises, chapter reviews, mixed reviews, Improving Your Skills, and Take Another Look are more complete than the annotations in the Teacher's Edition or the selected answers in the student book.

Teaching and Worksheet Masters
Blackline masters of select student text, enlarged diagrams, and sample data sets can be used as student handouts or overhead transparencies.

Assessment Resources
Quizzes, tests, and exams with answers and constructive assessments with grading rubrics help you gauge what your students have learned.

More Practice Your Skills Student Workbook and
More Practice Your Skills with Answers

Blackline masters of additional practice problems and answers can be used as student handouts or overhead transparencies.

Condensed Lessons: A Tool for Parents and Tutors
Direct-teaching lessons enable students who miss class to catch up.

Condensed Lessons in Spanish,
Lecciones condensadas en español
Direct-teaching lessons help Spanish-speaking students who miss class or need a better understanding of the mathematical content of a lesson.

Glossary in Spanish
The glossary translated into Spanish is available in PDF format at Keymath.com.

NEW! Calculator Notes for the TI-Nspire and TI-Nspire CAS
This new ancillary provides support for TI-Nspire users to help students use their graphing calculators and bridge the gap between pencil-and-paper techniques and calculator language and mechanics. It will be available as a PDF at Keymath.com and Key Online. (Calculator Notes for the TI-83 Plus and TI-84 Plus will be available as a print book.)

Calculator Data and Programs
These data and programs can be downloaded onto graphing calculators (requires computer-to-calculator linking software and hardware). The data and programs are available at math.kendallhunt.com/DAA.

Technology Demonstrations
You can use these activities and pre-made Sketchpad and Fathom files as classroom demonstrations of algebra concepts (includes CD).

TestCheck® Test Generator and Worksheet Builder™
This downloadable bank of excellent practice and test items enables teachers to choose and customize assessment instruments and to generate unlimited practice problems.

Our online resource for students, families, and tutors includes web links that students can use to find out more about the mathematics, people, places, and careers in the book; dynamic explorations they can use to investigate a variety of concepts from the book; Practice Your Skills worksheets; Condensed Lessons in English and Spanish; Spanish glossary; Calculator Notes; Calculator Data and Programs; and book and chapter overviews.

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Key Online
Available to you and your students at no cost upon adoption, the online version of Discovering Advanced Algebra contains all the content of your printed textbooks with additional features to enrich students' learning experience.

  • Lessons include downloadable More Practice Your Skills problems.
  • Many lessons link to downloadable graphing calculator notes or to dynamic explorations.
  • The interactive table of contents and other features make navigation easy.
  • With the interactive glossary, holding the cursor over a highlighted term reveals the definition.
  • Print Page and Print Lesson buttons allow quick printing.
  • Links give students access to the answers to selected exercises.
  • Resources previously included on the Teaching Resources CD are now available on Key Online. These include the Investigation Worksheets, Solutions Manual, Teaching and Worksheet Masters, Assessment Resources, More Practice Your Skills, Condensed Lessons, and Calculator Notes in PDF format, Calculator Data and Program files, and Sketchpad and Fathom files to accompany the Technology Demonstrations.

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