Discovering Advanced Algebra
An Investigative Approach

Develop your students' understanding of abstract math concepts using a research-based textbook with real-world applications

Discovering Advanced Algebra helps all learners develop a strong conceptual understanding of Algebra 2. This text uses data analysis to model pure-algebra concepts, derive equations, solve problems, and build skills—all using an investigative approach to learning.

The Discovering Advanced Algebra approach improves learning in many ways:

  • Real data, real-life situations, and real-world applications will help you motivate students and show them the importance of what they are learning.
  • The sequence of mathematical experiences aids your students in making conceptual connections between the many topics covered in Algebra 2.
  • Your students will develop and practice skills, such as multiplying and factoring polynomials and solving many kinds of equations in a wide variety of mathematical settings.
  • The text also provides regular opportunities for students to practice and review skills learned in previous algebra courses.
  • Investigations, visual representations, and opportunities for discussion will enable you to integrate multiple teaching modes into your classroom so that visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners all benefit.
  • To help you reach all your students, every lesson has a Differentiating Instruction box with suggestions for modifying the lessons for ELL students, students who need extra support, and advanced students.
  • You can be certain that this diverse approach to teaching will also strengthen students’ understanding and retention of advanced algebra concepts and skills.
  • Discovering Advanced Algebra thoughtfully incorporates technology as a tool for increasing student understanding and offers you flexibility in your technology choices. You can use graphing calculators make learning more efficient and allow for a deeper mathematical experience, or you can take advantage of optional activities and lessons and that use Dynamic Mathematics software, such as The Geometer's Sketchpad® and Fathom Dynamic Data.

Comprehensive Resources

The Teaching Resources Package includes a host of resources to help you effectively reach all learners, from those struggling with the math or the language to academically gifted students.

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