Statistics in Action
Understanding a World of Data

An In-Depth Look

This statistics textbook echoes the same methods utilized in AP Statistics exams.

Statistics in Action reflects the latest developments in the Advanced Placement (AP®) Statistics Exam and employs modern, effective methods to teach this increasingly important topic. In this second edition, you'll find even more tools to effectively prepare your students for the AP Exam.

Real Data, Real Learning

The fundamental premise of Statistics in Action is that students need to work with real data to do real analysis. Beginning in Chapter 1 with a court case about age discrimination, the instructor and students are immersed in real-world problems that can be solved only with statistical methods. Students learn to:

  • Explore, summarize, and display data
  • Design surveys and experiments
  • Use probability to understand random behavior
  • Make inferences about populations by looking at samples from those populations

A Modern Approach to AP Statistics

  • Consistent with the AP Statistics Syllabus, Statistics in Action uses a modern, data-analytic approach, in which students uncover and display patterns in real-world and student-generated data. This edition includes many new examples, practices, and exercises that use real data and illustrate the far-reaching uses of statistics.
  • This approach mirrors the College Board®'s shift, which places more emphasis on statistical concepts and data analysis than on following recipes for calculations.
  • Statistics in Action encourages graphing calculator use that deepens students' conceptual understanding instead of detracting from it.
  • With Statistics in Action, students understand more deeply and retain concepts longer by actively participating in hands-on activities and class discussions.

Distinguishing Features Promote In-Depth Learning

  • This text guides the instructor and students through a protocol for analysis--conducting an activity, holding a discussion, practicing concepts, and further analyzing data via exercises.
  • The content and organization of Statistics in Action are written specifically for the AP Exam.
  • Activities introduce most major topics, allowing students to experience the important concepts of statistical thinking before confirming them through further analysis and practice. Students have the opportunity to think critically about how data is collected and analyzed.
  • Important concepts and common mistakes are taught through fictitious debates between two or more people.
  • Boxed definitions highlight important formulas and concepts.
  • Practice problems occur throughout each section, providing an opportunity for students to check their understanding of big concepts and solidify skills.