Discovering Advanced Algebra
An Investigative Approach

What's New in the Second Edition?

We have updated to the second edition of Discovering Advanced Algebra to provide you with even stronger support for helping your students meet state standards and excel in Algebra 2.

For the Teacher

  • Redesign. The Teacher's Edition wrap-around has been redesigned to make important elements easier for you to find.
    • Crucial content flagged. To facilitate discussion, critical content has been flagged as Critical Questions for students, with responses to those questions flagged as Big Ideas.
    • Differentiating instruction. To help you reach all your students, every lesson now has a Differentiating Instruction box that contains suggestions for modifying the lessons for ELL students, students who need extra support, and advanced students. More notes on differentiating instruction for these groups have been added throughout. The Differentiating Instruction suggestions incorporate the use of Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English (SDAIE) techniques, which support different learning styles and promote a learning environment accessible to all students.
    • Investigations categorized. In the Chapter Interleaf and Lesson wrap-around, Investigations are classified as either Deepening Skills or Exploring Concepts. Investigations that involve collecting data are identified as Activities.
    • Investigation modifications. Investigations now have modification suggestions to shorten the time needed or to present in a whole-class format so you can adjust the lessons to meet your teaching needs.
    • Support examples. One or more Support Examples have been provided for each lesson so you can reinforce or assess student understanding or provide additional structured practice before concluding the lesson.
    • Ancillary list. Every lesson lists ancillaries that can provide you with additional support, such as More Practice Your Skills, Condensed Lessons, and TestCheck worksheets.
  • NEW! Investigation Worksheets.This new ancillary provides a worksheet for every investigation to make your lesson planning easy. For investigations that involve collecting data, two versions of the worksheet are provided—one with sample data and one without. These worksheets include graph or table templates as needed and space for student work.
  • NEW! Calculator Notes for the TI-Nspire and TI-Nspire CAS.This new ancillary provides support for TI-Nspire users; it will be available as a PDF on Keymath.com and Key Online. (Calculator Notes for the TI-83 Plus and TI-84 Plus will be available as a print book.)
  • Technology Demonstrations. The Technology Demonstrations ancillary has about 10 new Fathom® and Sketchpad™ demonstrations.
  • Assessment Resources.The A and B books have been combined into a single ancillary.

For the Student

  • NEW! Refreshing Your Skills lessons. These two-page optional lessons provide a quick review of prerequisite Algebra 1 skills for the chapter. You can assign them as homework after the previous chapter's test or use the examples and exercises for students who need extra support.
  • Updated content. The following changes will help you better meet state standards.
    • Trigonometry. For better continuity, the chapters have been reordered so the trigonometry chapters are together at the end of the book. The first trigonometry chapter has been revised to focus on basic right-triangle trigonometry, and the parametric equations content has been greatly reduced (because it is not typical Algebra 2 material). We've added a lesson on vectors.
    • Statistics. The Applications of Statistics chapter includes a new lesson on experimental design.
    • Significant figures and accuracy. The Describing Data chapter has a new Exploration on Significant Figures and Accuracy.
    • And more! Many other content changes have been made to fulfill state standards, including more explicit references to algebraic properties; new exercises about variation; examples and exercises on piecewise functions; and examples of solving absolute-value equations and inequalities.
  • Updated investigations. In response to our teacher survey and teacher review panel, some investigations have been replaced or revised to better meet classroom needs.
  • Answers and hints. We provide answers and hints for selected exercises instead of for all odd exercises as well as answers for all Chapter Review Exercises.
  • Data sets. These have been updated in examples and exercises.
  • TI-Nspire. All calculator screens have been updated to TI-Nspire screens.
  • More work space. Quizzes (in Assessment Resources) and More Practice Your Skills worksheets have been reformatted to give students space to work out the problems.
  • Dynamic Algebra Explorations. About 30 Dynamic Algebra Explorations — including 20 new explorations — will be available on math.kendallhunt.com to give students a visual way to explore concepts.