Chapter 12 Resources

Chapter 12: Statistics in Action: Case Studies

In this chapter, you'll examine four examples of statistical practice in today's world, case studies about how to:

  • Produce bigger and better flowers
  • Gather information on Americans
  • Evaluate the economics of Major League Baseball
  • Study possible discrimination in employment

In each of these four real-world situations, statisticians have worked with the business or government agency involved. You will be following in their steps, so think of yourself as a consultant to the business or government agency. Compared to those in the previous chapter, the data will be less clear cut. Several statistical techniques may be appropriate, and you will have to decide which would be best. Often the data don't quite satisfy the conditions for the techniques you have learned, and you will have to think about what can be done in such situations, which come up in practice more often than not. If you do all four case studies, this chapter can serve as a comprehensive review of the statistical concepts and techniques that you have learned in this course.